New Vehicle Sales for March

New car sales in Australia during March totaled 93,984 vehicle … a drop of almost one percent compared to the same time last year. While there’s no doubt that manufacturers would like to see more sales the softening in the new car market is inline with other retail and consumer indicators.

However it seems that those retail and consumer indicators might have taken more of a dive towards the end of March than is obvious when the figures for the whole of the month are considered.

That situation may vary from one part of the country to another but in this part of Queensland where our office is located retailers are reporting a real slow-down towards the end of March and it has continued on into April.

So once again it will be interesting to see how the figures for April turn out … especially considering the rising cost of fuel.

During March Toyota sold 18,466 units, Holden predictably was second with 10,816 units and Ford returned to third spot with 8,698 units.

New Vehicle Sales for March
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