Win a New Ford Ranger

The new Ford Ranger ute
The new Ford Ranger ute

The release date for the new Ford Ranger ute is getting close and to help build some excitement about the new Ranger Ford are giving you the chance to win one of these great looking machines.


All you have to do is tell Ford what you think the ultimate challenge would be for the ute.

Would you take it to Fraser Island and try the beach as the tide comes in? Would you take it up to Kakadu and off the beaten track with an off-road van on the towbar?

What about the Simpson Desert?

Or do you know some fire trails that can really show how tough the new Ford Ranger is? I know a few in the hills north of Bathurst and west of the Macquarie River that can really take your breath away but are they tough enough to put the Ford Ranger to the ultimate test?

And the competition has now closed.

Win a New Ford Ranger

2 thoughts on “Win a New Ford Ranger

  1. The ultimate challenge should be for the driver of the ute as well as the ute, showing initiative, planning, guts and determination.
    I think the ute, and other vehicles should embark on a trek across Australia as the crow flies, navigating through stations and farms, deserts, creeks and obstacles as they present themselves.
    Departure and destination points could be Port Hedland to Sydney, Perth to Cairns, Geraldon to Brisbane, Perth to Cape York, Kununurra to Melbourne, etc.

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