Mazda2 Genki

mazda2-genkiWith almost 6,000 Mazda2 vehicles sold this year … an increase of over 30% compared to this time last year … Mazda knows that it’s on a winner.

The part of the market that the Mazda2 slots into is extremely competitive and buyers are usually so focused on price that the more expensive vehicles in this class don’t do so well. However those sales figures show that the Mazda2 has what it takes to make many buyers look beyond the price point.

And now there’s a new model in the Mazda2 range that will appeal to buyers who want something more out of their light cars and are prepared to pay a premium to get it. The Mazda2 Genki comes with a range of extras that are certainly going to be attractive to buyers.

On the outside the Mazda2 Genki gets a chrome exhaust extension and some minor changes to the front bumper and the design of the alloy wheels. On the inside there’s climate control for the airconditioning, rain-sensing wipers (it’s not that I’m lazy by rain-sensing wipers is something I really like), auto headlamps and cruise control.

There’s also a trip computer that gives the driver a host of information … including current and average fuel consumption, distance to empty and average speed.

And the bottom line for the Mazda2 Genki starts at a manufacturer’s list price of $20,495 (that does not include dealer delivery charges and government charges)

Obviously it’s a bit more than you will pay for other cars in the light category but then you get a quite a bit more in the Mazda2 Genki.

Mazda2 Genki
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