Mini Clubvan Concept

mini clubvanMINI Clubvan Concept … two seats, five doors, plenty of carrying capacity and a vision of a premium segment panel van.

The concept is pretty simple really … build a concept for a segment of the market that probably doesn’t even realize that it needs something like this and see if it flies. Sell it as the ultimate vehicle for business and leisure and target it a group that may want to carry a few tools … a box or two … and look cool while they’re doing it.

It’s a far cry from the hard-working little panel van of years gone by! Gone are the bare bones interior and fairly basic seating and now we’re seeing all the refinements of a modern van with those extra refinements that MINI brings to passenger comfort. Even the cargo area is cloth-lined

Apart from the usual driver and passenger doors the Mini Clubvan Concept has two side-hinged doors on the rear and a rear-hinged Clubdoor (MINI’s term) for the large door on the right-hand side.

The cargo area of the MINI Clubvan has a totally flat door and is designed to be configured to fit individual requirements with storage drawers, shelves and 12 volt power outlets. The side windows are opaque and sealed to protect the contents of the cargo area from prying eyes.

mini clubvan concept

The MINI Clubvan Concept will have its first public outing at the Geneva International Motor Show next month and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clubvan Concept didn’t turn into a production model in the months ahead.

Mini Clubvan Concept
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