Strange Bedfellows in Formula 1

They say that politics makes for some strange bedfellows but now Formula 1 could be challenging politics as Case IH and Ferrari shre the spotlight at Grand Prix Events in North America.

Ferrari team cars will feature prominent Case IH decals during the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal, June 25; and the U.S. Grand Prix in Indianapolis, July 2.

“This is a great opportunity for Case IH to share the global stage with world-renowned Ferrari,” says Mario Ferla, president, Case IH. “Both are readily identified by their powerful products and with their signature red color, as well as for setting the standard of excellence in their respective industries.”

“We are elated that Fiat, Ferrari’s majority owner, has for the first time allowed its logo to be replaced on the Prancing Horse’s Formula 1 cars. This sends a strong message about the importance of Case IH, also a member of Fiat Group,” Ferla notes.

The Formula 1 Ferrari team is led by Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world drivers’ champion, and Felipe Massa. The Ferrari Formula 1 team has won a record 14 Constructors’ Championships, including six consecutive titles during 1999-2004.

“Since the Ferrari brand and Formula 1 race team have long traditions of distinction, it’s fitting that Case IH — with its own proud heritage — will be a part of the 2006 racing season,” Ferla says.

Strange Bedfellows in Formula 1
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