Formula 1

Mark Webber Goes to Red Bull

After yet another dismal failure beyond his control it’s no wonder that Mark Webber is leaving Williams. Actually reaching the chequered flag has almost become distant memory for him during this Formula 1 season. Williams would have loved him to stay but there was really very little chance of that happening and finally they were […]

Strange Bedfellows in Formula 1

They say that politics makes for some strange bedfellows but now Formula 1 could be challenging politics as Case IH and Ferrari shre the spotlight at Grand Prix Events in North America. Ferrari team cars will feature prominent Case IH decals during the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal, June 25; and the U.S. Grand […]

The Results of the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The results of the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix are: 1. Fisichella/Renault 2. Alonso/Renault 3. Button/Honda 4. Montoya/McLaren-Mercedes 5. Massa/Ferrari 6. M Schumacher/Ferrari Australian Mark Webber retired on lap 17 and his Williams-Cosworth team mate, Nico Rosberg retired on lap 8. Kimi Raikkonen was involved in an accident on the first lap and did not […]

Grid Positions for the Malaysian Forumla 1 Grand Prix

The grid for the Malaysian Formule 1 Grand Prix is: 1. Fisichella/Renault 2. Button/Honda 3. Rosberg/Williams-Cosworth 4. Webber/Williams-Cosworth Other grid positions are will not be announced till Sunday morning due to the new rules. A number of drivers, including Schumacher/Ferrari have opted for engine changes and this can affect their position on the starting grid […]

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