Nissan’s New Newsletter

Every month several of the car companies here in Australia send out a newsletter and they are always full of interesting information.

Nissan is one of those that send out a newsletter but this month it was different. In the past the newsletter has appeared to be produced and distributed in-house but this month the email was distributed through

No big deal you might think and it isn’t a big deal because none of the links in the newsletter will open in the browser I and over 10% of web surfers use. It’s also changed in appearance from something that looked bright and interesting to something that is presented in drab colours that would do little to excite anyone.

On top of all that even the text is in a colour that is not easy to read.

I guess there’s more than one way for a car company to shoot itself in the foot and Nissan have just found a new way.

Nissan please delete me from your email list – I would do so myself but ‘remove’ link has disappeared from your emails.

Nissan’s New Newsletter
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