Hervey Bay Hot Rod

8 thoughts on “Hervey Bay Hot Rod

  1. the hot rod loks fantastic, i am just wondering if you are able to hire the hot rod for weddings, or do you know of any one who does????

  2. Melissa unfortunately I don’t know who owns that car – I’m fairly sure that it’s local but I have no contact with anyone who knows the owner.

    However there is a 1932 Ford Coupe here in town that might be available for weddings. I posted a photo of it last week. If you’re interested in that one let me know for I have an indirect contact with the owner of that hot rod.


  3. you should have gone to the Vintage car club show on sunday 17th of may at the seafront oval that car was there as well as about 30 other vintage and awesome cars. the interior of that thing was nice. i loved the colour. could have had a nice chat to the owner

  4. I was planning on being there right up until around midday when a whole bunch of things conspired to keep me away 🙁

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