BMW Sets a New Sales Record

Between January and March of this year BMW have delivered 4,174 vehicles here in Australia and that’s a 12 percent increase on sales for the same time last year.

Despite rising interest rates and some very black days on the share market there’s still a big market for what BMW describe as their “premium brand”.

BMW are expecting their sales figures to rise even further when deliveries of the 1 Series Convertible and Coupe begin next month.

BMW 1 Series coupe

The BMW 1 Series Coupe will go sale for $54,400 (plus dealer and on-road costs) for the 160kW 3.0 litre 125i petrol model.

BMW 1 Series Coupe - rear

The 120i 1 Series Convertible comes with a little less grunt and is powered by a 4 cylinder 115kW motor and will retail for $52,900 plus dealer and on-road costs.

BMW Series 1 Convertible

BMW Sets a New Sales Record
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