An Electric Car for Australia by 2012

Toyota unveils the FT-EV a fully electric concept car and says it will be here by 2012 – but the range is limited.

Toyota FT-EV

“The FT-EV concept shares its platform with the revolutionary-new iQ urban commuter vehicle. Already a huge hit in Japan, the iQ is lightweight and seats four passengers in comfort and security, while delivering exceptional mileage, sporty performance and unique refinements.”

Toyota wasn’t kidding when it described the FT-EV as an urban car. It has range of just 80km before the battery needs recharging and the recharge time can be over 7 hours and even Toyota admits that they are not entirely happy with the lithium battery technology that powers this vehicle

Toyota FT-EV dashboard

Still, it’s a great sign of things to come but we’re yet to see an electric vehicle that really suits Australian conditions.

An Electric Car for Australia by 2012
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