The End of Pontiac – Bad News for Holden

Yesterday General Motors officially announced that it was dropping the Pontiac brand from its line-up and cutting around 21,000 jobs in the Pontiac plants in the United States. Sadly that’s very bad news for Holden who build the Pontiac G8 at their plant in Adelaide.

Holden had hoped to build around 30,000 G8 models a year at their Adelaide plant but that’s not going to happen now. So far around 25,000 Pontiac G8 vehicles have been produced in Adelaide and exported to the United States and only half of those have been sold.

While Holden says that the G8 is a great car it seems that the American consumers have not been so sure about that.

The decision to cancel the G8 now places the future of Holden’s Adelaide plant in some doubt.

The End of Pontiac – Bad News for Holden
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