Skelta – Another Great Aussie Sports Car

skeltaSeveral American motoring writers have described the Skelta as ugly and it’s definitely got a look that some people might find less than appealing but to me this has got all the classic flowing lines of genuine sports car.

Skelta is built in Toowoomba Qld but it’s not hiding away from the competition. It will soon be making it’s mark on the European circuits. And how competitive is the Skelta?

Well it’s certainly not all show and no go … last weekend at the Noosa Hill Climb … one of the premier hill climb events in Australia … a Skelta G-Force took a class win with a lead of four seconds over the nearest rival and finished in the top 10 outright amongst more specialized vehicles. Before that a Skelta finished third outright in this years Targa Tasmania.

Skelta G-Force

Drop into one of these and you can forget about your comfort zone … this is a handbuilt car that offers performance with no compromise.

Skelta Spyder

The chassis is chrome Molybdenum steel reinforced with carbon fibre combined with aluminium honeycomb sandwich centre tunnel and side pods and a carbon composite body sits on top.

Skelta Spyder

The engine is the buyer’s choice of either a 340bhp 2-litre supercharged Honda or a 460bhp 3-litre Harley V8 coupled to a Honda 6-speed box.

Skelta Spyder engine

Suspension is double wishbone with inboard MCA Proflex damper/spring units and it’s adjustable for track camber, caster and toe. The brakes are cross-drilled discs with 4-piston calipers front and rear.

Buyers get their choice of body style … either an open-topped 2-seater known as the Spyder or a 2-seater with detachable gullwing targa top known as the G-Force.

To finish off our look at the Skelta come for a ride in the cockpit of the winning car at the Suncoast Classic Rally … crank up the volume – this car deserves it.

And now you’re in the cockpit for the Cathana stage of the 2008 Targa Tasmania and a dice with a pesky RX7

Finally something just a little more sedate:

Skelta – Another Great Aussie Sports Car
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