Jeep – Nothing but Cosmetic Changes

If you’re a Jeep fan and you were hoping for Chrysler to release something new at the Detroit Auto show the news is going to disappoint you.

Sure there are some new additions to the Jeep range but as one motoring writer put it … it’s a ‘lipstick on a pig’ strategy. Fancy new decals … some slightly different paint … some tinsel here and there and a higher price and that seems to summarize the “new” models from Jeep.

Undoubtedly it’s a sign of the times and a sign of just how much trouble Chrysler are in right now and how much trouble they’re going to stay in for the next year.

Jeep – Nothing but Cosmetic Changes

One thought on “Jeep – Nothing but Cosmetic Changes

  1. Well, don’t feel too bad, Ford did the same thing with the Mustang for the longest time and was doing a pretty good job of making it vanish into oblivion.

    Fortunately they lost Iacocca at the right time.

    Maybe Chrysler will figure it out for the jeep faster. There’s a lot of heritage there. Maybe an original Willys throwback?

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