Nissan Announces New Small Cars and an SUV

nissan-qazanaNissan has announced that there are two new small cars in the pipeline for the American market and both will be on sale for under $10,000.

Details of equipment levels and powertrains are yet to be released but it is known that both cars will be built on Nissan’s new worldwide V platform and they will be built in Mexico.

Nissan has also announced that it will reveal it’s new European SUV at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The new SUV will be known as the Juke and Nissan says that it’s based on their Qazana concept SUV that first appeared in 2008.

Possible source vehicle for the Nissan Juke

Possible rear view of the Nissan Juke

Nissan Announces New Small Cars and an SUV

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  1. Very awesome it’s about time we get away from all the old school looking cars nice job Nissan!!!

    Peter M stop living in the past.

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