Toyota Hybrid Camry Servicing Costs

hybrid-camry-sBuying a car … whether it be new or used … is an exciting time and when you’re doing the sums to see whether you can actually afford the car or not it’s easy to overlook the servicing costs that you’re going to be up for with your new car. You don’t tend to think about spare parts either but servicing and parts can take a huge chunk out of your bank balance.

Toyota understand that people tend to overlook these ‘hidden’ costs of owning a car … particularly one that incorporates new technology and so they announced yesterday that servicing new Toyota Hybrid Camry is no more expensive – and in fact offers the same impressive value for money – as petrol-only Camry.

Under Toyota Service Advantage, Hybrid Camry owners will pay just $130* for up to four standard scheduled services during the first three years or 60,000 kilometres driven (whichever comes first). Toyota Service Advantage has been available to new Camry owners since 2006.

Desmond Lew, divisional manager for Toyota parts, service and accessories – sales and marketing, claims the service value is one of the best on the market.

“Toyota Service Advantage is one of the most affordable factory-backed services in Australia,” he said.

“Hybrid Camry is the most technologically advanced vehicle built in Australia. So together, Hybrid Camry and Toyota Service Advantage provide our customers with excellent value for money.

“Hybrid Camry owners pay one flat price – $130 – for a comprehensive service, which includes all parts, labour and fluids.

“Our customers know up-front the cost of each service, and enjoy the confidence of picking up their serviced vehicle without incurring unexpected costs,” Mr Lew said.

He said Hybrid Camry owners also saved on fuel bills thanks to the car’s extremely low fuel consumption.

In addition, the Hybrid HV battery has an eight-year warranty,** providing hybrid owners with increased reliability and peace of mind. For more information on Toyota Service Advantage, visit to find a convenient Toyota Service Centre.

* Toyota Service Advantage pricing represents the maximum amount payable for standard scheduled servicing which is as per ‘maintenance for normal operating conditions’ outlined in the Warranty and Service Handbook service schedule. Toyota Service Advantage eligibility excludes Government vehicles, Rental vehicles, and Employee Family Vehicle Purchase vehicles. Certain other exclusions apply. Terms and conditions apply.

** The HV (Hybrid) Battery Warranty coverage on Hybrid Camry is 8 years/160,000km, whichever comes first.

Toyota Hybrid Camry Servicing Costs
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