Toyota Australia’s Statement About the Prius Brake Problem

toyota-logoWhile Toyota Australia may have been a little slow to make an announcement about recalls that are affecting Toyota vehicles in other parts of the world they’ve been quicker to say something about the Prius brake problem. Here’s an statement that Toyota Australia released late yesterday.

“In certain current generation Prius vehicles, Toyota has received reports that some customers have experienced inconsistent brake feel when the vehicle is driven over potholes, bumps or slippery road surfaces.

“Toyota is currently in the process of confirming these reports and investigating the vehicle driving conditions under which the reported condition occurs. Toyota Australia has a well established process to deal with matters such as this and will notify customers if further action is required. It is premature to comment until the investigation has been completed.

“This issue is not related to the recent accelerator pedal recall in North America, Europe and China. Vehicles sold or built in Australia are not affected by that recall.”

Toyota Australia’s Statement About the Prius Brake Problem
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