Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery

Landrover Discovery still impressive after all these years It seems that Land Rover likes to show off the pulling power of its latest Discovery model by using it to tow unusual things. At the launch of the Discovery back in 1989 the first Discovery was used to tow a train and Land Rover went back […]

What Do Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover Have in Common?

Well at the moment they’re all owned by Ford … but Ford would like to sell them … if they can find a buyer. On paper Volvo is probably the marque that’s got the most appeal to prospective purchasers but the reality is that Volvo isn’t doing quite so well as it appears to be […]

Land Rover Discovery

Many many moons ago when I was a teenager set to conquer the world I was persuaded by a good mate to go halves with him in buying an old Mk1 Land Rover. It was a beast that only two adventurous kids could love. It used more oil than petrol, a fully laden semi trailer […]

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