Honda Lifts the Face on Accord & Odyssey

Honda have released slightly altered Accord sedans and Odyssey vans into the wild. Accord Rear styling changes have been made and include LED tail lamps. Other changes to the sedan include a drive-by-wire throttle, new allowy wheels and alterations to the interior trip The V6 Accords now include Vehicle Stability assist and satellite navigation has […]

Honda Recalls Over Half a Million Vehicles

Honda announced yesterday that it was recalling over half a million vehicles manufactured between Oct 3 1994 and May 15 1997 because of a faulty part used in starting the engine. Models affected include Oddyssey minivans, CR-V SUVs and Step vans. The affected vehicles were sold in Japan, the United States, Europe and various Asian […]

Honda Jazz

Honda describe this car as their “bite-sized wonder” and there is no doubt that this definitely does fall into the small market and they are even going so far as to promote it in a toy-like way with an obvious attempt to link the Jazz to Thomas the Tank Engine. The price of $15,990 for […]

Honda Civic

There are definitely times when the way manufacturers advertise their motor vehicles is downright boring. But you really couldn’t describe this ad produced to market the Honda Civic in the United Kingdom as boring (the Honda web page has since been removed). Oh and the car looks like this:

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